Principal's Message

Welcome to Altona Primary School


A warm welcome to Altona Primary School, a proud public education provider.  Our school is at the centre of Altona’s vibrant community, close to the Bay and it is my great privilege to be serving as the Principal.  This website has been designed to provide potential families with relevant information.


Altona PS has a proud history of learning growth and a positive school culture. Our purpose is to engage and challenge students to achieve their best.  In this rapidly changing world it is imperative the adults reflect, analyse and implement engagement approaches that build the capabilities of our students to think critically, creatively and curiously and to apply innovative solutions to problems.  Children need to practice working with each other, and understand how they can make a difference for themselves and others in the world around them.  Their impact and influence is far reaching.  We all have a responsibility to make the people around us flourish.


The success of our outcomes is due to our collective approach to:

  • Positive education
  • High expectations
  • Clear instructional framework for teaching and learning
  • Using evidence and research to make decisions

A positive nurturing environment which cares for each student and adult, matters. It impacts on our behaviour, our academic success and future mental and physical health. All community members of our school behave in ways that build a positive and vibrant school culture that focuses on wellness and learning.  


Altona PS is not just a school that focuses on academic success in Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry based learning but also celebrates success in technological literacy, The Arts, Sports and Music.  STEM is integrated through Inquiry based learning.


Communities like Altona PS develop over time through shared experiences and an aligned focus on what matters; your children.  


‘Nurturing curiosity by the Bay’.


Natalie Nelson


"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths". Walt Disney