School Oath/Song

School Oath


We are standing with friends we care for and respect.

We must always do our best.

The flag reminds us that Australia is our home.

We must do what we know is right.

To make Australia safe and fair for everyone.

School Song

.We stand and sing our song today for the school we all revere

We will try to raise its standards high and hold its honour dear

At work and play our school shall be Altona all for you

Be true shall be our guiding star as we go throughlife be true

Before us lies a road ahead as a future bright we see

                  We will take our place and strive to build a nation proud and free

                  Though scattered far by winds of change we will keep the golden rule

                  Be true the lesson that we learn at Altona Primary School

You Can Do It Song

You Can Do ItChorus

The keys to life are in your hands so come on get with it join the band

We’ll work together to make it strong so come on and help us with this song


Confidence is a way of life if you’re positive you’ll really thrive

Have a go be out there learn to jive

You’ve gotta believe if you want to survive.


Organisation is the way to go step by step and then it grows

You’ve got it all planned and you’re on your way

To get it all done and have a great day




                                              Persistence is what it’s all about grit your teeth you don’t have to shout

                                              Head down chin up reflect a while

                                              You can do it in your own style


                                              Getting along and being friends are best saying sorry first is a really good test

                                               Let’s play together and keep in tune

                                               Going round and round like the sun and the moon




                                               Resilient is what we need to be bounce back keep trying that’s the key

                                               Stay strong and focused is the plan

                                               You can do it yes you can

                                               Pride is what makes us unite as one "Be True" to yourself and everyone

                                               Learning, creating by the sea

                                               100 years on it's the place to be