Curriculum OverviewTerm 2, 2019 Curriculum Overview






Language Development

By the time your child starts school, most people should be able to understand most of what your child says. Some articulation errors are still OK for prep students. For information regarding what is appropriate speech and help suggestions to best support your child's speech development, please click here.


Home Reading 

Every Monday your child will bring home 5 reading books in their mailbag. These books are to be read over the course of the week. They do not have to read every book, every night. They may decide to read two books on Monday night, one book Tuesday or three books on Wednesday etc. The only requirement we have is that they read at least one book each night. If you have any questions please see your child’s teacher.


Prep Information

 I’m sure you all have questions that you need answered but didn’t want to bother the teacher...  Click the link above for information that we hope you'll find useful. If your questions aren't answered, please see your child's classroom teacher.



This year our Prep teachers will be using THRASS to support the teaching and learning of Spelling, Reading, Writing and Handwriting. Please click here for more information.






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