ICT & Netbook Program

Altona Primary Digi-Tech Curriculum for 2017

We are looking forward to an exciting year at APS with the arrival of the new Digi Tech curriculum. We divide your child’s program into four main elements which will be covered over the course of the year.


  • Cybercitizenship & Communication
  • Digital Presentation Techniques
  • Digital Design
  • Programming and Computational Thinking

These combined elements aim to foster your child’s creativity and produce capable technology users with a thorough knowledge of internet safety, computational thinking and digital design. Our hope for our graduating Grade 6 students is for them to leave our school with a wealth of digital presentation techniques, strong coding skills and great problem solving ability to in order to equip them well for High School and beyond! Click here for an overview of the programs and techniques used to teach children at each year level.


Altona Primary School Netbook Program


APS operates a one-to-one netbook program across grades 4 to 6. (Students in the composite Grade 3/4 are also in the program.) To ensure the on-going success of the program and the safety of our school intranet, we ask our students and families to observe some simple rules.

  1. To protect our school network there are certain programs that students are not allowed to access or download to their school netbooks. Click here to see the list of banned programs.
  2. Before installing new software on their netbook students must submit an application form to our school technicians for approval. The form can be submitted digitally here. 

eLearning at APS


APS Logo

eLearning Leaders Parent Advice Blog

Our eLearning leaders have been busy creating a parent information blog on internet issues. It aims to inform and advise parents about the online world as viewed by your children. Click here



facebookSocial Media @ APS

Important information on the use of social media by students at Altona Primary School. Click here





Our students being cyber safe is a top priority at Altona Primary School and as such we have an extensive cybersafety program from Prep to Year 6. Being cybersmart starts in the home; try these challenges with your child! Click on the images below to begin.




ThinkUKnow website also has great resources for staying cybersafe. Check it out today!

The following resource is suitable for students in Yrs 3 and 4. Students create a robot Budd:e that teaches them how to keep the home computer safe from viruses and how to remain safe online themselves.

 The Hector's World resource below is suitable for students in Yrs 1 and 2.




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