Muddy Madness Photos

Muddy Madness

 WOW! WOW! WOW! The best day of my life! The most fun ever! Can we do it again! These are all statements coming from the children on the day of our highly successful Muddy Madness Event.


Children, teachers, parents and sponsors had an amazing time running and jumping into mud pools, rolling in mud, sliding on their bellies down slip n slides and wading their way through soapy pools. The smiles on everyone’s faces were priceless and the laughter heard was infectious.


The purpose of the event was to provide the school community with a fun filled event like no other during our Centenary Year and from all reports we achieved our goal.


This was also a fundraising opportunity for the school with all funds going towards our new Centenary Playground, with the extremely generous support of our whole school community including children’s sponsorship, business and family donations, special lunch and food stalls we raised approximately $15,000.


An event like this cannot happen without extensive planning, volunteer support and sponsorship. We offer our sincere thanks to the Muddy Madness Organising Committee, Friends and Family Committee, volunteers, sponsors, staff, students and all who came to watch and contributed to making this a fabulous event.


Everyone who participated received a Muddy Madness wrist band as they crossed the finish line, if anyone did not receive one please come to the Assistant Principal Office to pick one up.


Riding on a buzz of excitement from the day, we held a Special Assembly on Friday where children from across the school shared their reflections of the event. Many children wrote the most amazing descriptive writing pieces about what took place, their favourite obstacles and funny anecdotes.


To relive all the fun, check out our school website for photos of the day.


Thank you all again for your involvement in this amazing event.