Japanese Cultural Day

Japanese Cultural Day

Japanese Cultural Day Recounts

Sushi ChefOn Japanese Cultural Day I dressed up as a sushi chef.

By Xavier (Prep M)


Jiu JitsuOn Wednesday in the morning I got my Jiu-Jitsu gear on and came to school. Our grade got our photo taken and then went outside for the Japanese Cultural Day. The school and our grade went on the netball court and different grades went around and they got high fives from the crowd. The parents took photos of the kids. Everyone in the crowd looked excellent with their costumes on. During the last hour Mrs B’s grade came into our grade and our grade went into her grade. The boys did a collage by tearing paper. We tore the paper and we glued it on our collage. The girls did the same collage but they did a girl for girl day. I felt excellent and amazing. It was fun doing things about Japanese Day. I liked doing it.


By Jai (Grade 1P)



LanternUsually we have assembly on Monday but yesterday we had assembly too. It was cold and windy and I felt freezing! It was Japanese Cultural Day and I was dressed fantastically. There were lots of gowns, dresses and ninjas walking around. Some people had chopsticks in their hair and I thought it was crazy! We were going to have a great day.


First we made flying cups. I made one that was a lantern that flipped and would turn into a candle. I loved flying cups.


Next we made cards that had each of our lovely names on it. I drew a picture of Hello Kitty. My card looked wonderful. Everyone else was nice too. My friend Lilly and I went into our next activity. It was a ninja word search. After we had finished the ninja word search we got to do a Japan acrostic poem. I loved it so much.


Thirdly I fell in the pool it was so super embarrassing. I cried. I did not feel very happy at all. An unknown lady with red hair took me to sick bay. I got changed and was feeling better. Eventually I was able to go back to class. 2K was with 2H and Miss Hruschka was reading a book called “The Big Beet!” It was a funny story. Finally we had a photo in front of the school with 2K.

Then we had lunch. I ate yummy food. It was delicious. Unexpectedly the bell rang “Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing!” I went off to play. Joyce and I played together. Joyce taught me how to do a backwards waterfall. Then we did the monkey bars. In addition we then lined up. We went inside. I went to German school. I said goodbye. Miss Hruschka said goodbye in German to me. I always find that funny.

I had a great day. It was so fantastic. My favourite parts were assembly and making cards. I really hated falling in the pool! I love school!

By Jasmin (Grade 2H)