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We think this will benefit the school by both recognising the history of our great school by honouring people that have made a significant contribution to the school and by also giving the current students a greater sense of connection to the school.  Having names for each house will increase their visibility and increase the amount of pride that people feel by being a part of these houses.  Naming the houses will preserve the contributions of these people for future generations.


We believe Mr. Enright is the perfect person to name a house after as he is the school’s longest serving Principal. We have seen so many changes to the school since he has been around and he has been our only principal and his running of the school has had a huge impact on our lives.


Mr. Fleming was the person responsible for approaching the education department to request there be a school in Altona. They built the first school in their own backyard, that had 14 students in it, four of which were his own children, the youngest of which was only four but was enrolled to make up the minimum numbers required to start a school.


Mrs Bromley is Altona Primary School’s longest serving female Principal and third longest serving Principal in total. She has very community minded and did things not only for Altona Primary School, but the Hobson’s Bay community. Even while ill, Mrs Bromley still attended school fundraisers to support the famous purple, which was done to recognise George Duke who was the first soldier from Altona to return after Word War 1 and his battalions colours of purple and gold, hence why we think purple is a fitting choice.


Mr. Borrack was responsible for lobbying the education department in 1921 to get them to build the school building that still stands today, 97 years later, which allowed the school to be less crowded and to increase the amount of students who could attend. We have preserved this building and it is an important part of our school.


Altona Primary School is located on Blyth Street and we think it is a great name for a house as we believe that our school is the best and most important community landmark on the street.


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